Nasphotos - the simplest photo-frame.

what's Nashphotos?

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the simplest photo frame

just select an album or folder, shuffled slideshow will begin.
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NAS connectable

it's easy to connect your NAS, just a few operations.
move a lot of taken pictures to NAS, you can save the iPhone capacity.
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free tryal

install it for free, you can try all the functions.
if you like it, you can purchase an [Ad Suppressor] option at 1$.
and you can also use app without purchase, while displaying tiny ads.

connect to your NAS

Visual Studio

1.stop the slideshow

when the slideshow in action, tap the screen to stop it.
Visual Studio [Home]

when you stop the slideshow, the menu will appear
in the lower right.Tap [Home] at the top of it to move to Home.
Visual Studio [Search]

in your [Home], listed your bookmarks. albums in the iPhone and folders of the NAS
that you have played.
to connect to your NAS, tap [Search] on the menu
and move to the search.
Visual Studio the IP address of the NAS.

in the first screen of [Search], all the albums saved on the iPhone
and the IP address of your NAS in the Wifi are listed.
if you can not find your NAS, tap [Search Wifi] in the menu to scan wifi.
when you find the NAS, tap that IP address.
Visual Studio shared-folders

the shared folders in your NAS are listed.
tap the shared folder to go to the contents list of the selected folder.
repeat this operation until the target folder is listed.
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6.[Play] to start slideshow

when the desired folder is listed, tap the [Play] button
in the row of the folder. the slideshow will start!
**It may take some time until the [play] button comes out.**

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